Casino Comps in Cripple Creek, Colorado

When you sign up for a players card, you provide a valid ID with all your information. Then as you play, more data is gathered. Casinos use all this valuable data about you to send targeted offers specifically for your level of play. They're happy to give you $10 if you're going to spend $100 and they know who you are.


The casino comp fine print provides the casino all the rights and you agree to all policies when you use the card. They want to make you happy but they can change the rules whenever they want.

Keep It Fun!

If you play a lot and at one casino; you can build up enough points so losing is a little less painful and winning is a little better. The more you play, the more money the casino will send you to come back along with free hotel stays, free meals, special events, and more. You'll become a VIP.

If you like to gamble just a couple of times a year, you can accumulate enough with occasional play to get a t-shirt or even dinner.

BUZZ Tip - Many casinos allow you to play with more than one card. Consider having extra player cards with your name so when you have guests, they can play and help increase your point level.

Either way, the latest promotion info is sent to everyone with a player card. The amount of free money, hotel stays, and other freebies included is based on your level of play.

Weigh in with your opinion and suggestions. How do you spend your comp points? Many holiday gift lists have been completed after a good day (and after a bad day). What's the Buzz on comps and the player's card?

Mini - BUZZ: Which casino is your favorite?

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