The Donkeys of Cripple Creek, Colorado

World famous donkeys live right here in Cripple Creek, Colorado. It's true! Our own celebrities - descendants of the descendants of the descendants (you get the idea) of the herd that worked the mines and made all those trips up and down the mountain. Great video by JeepsterGal!

Loyal, strong, dependable, the donkey played a major role during the gold rush days (the 1890's - 1930's). This legacy is celebrated with Donkey Derby Days in June every year. Because they kinda saved the town.

Want to know more? How Donkey Derby Days began - unofficially.


Sand Art at Donkey Derby Days

Ok, Hold Still and Everyone SMILE!

You can meet the Donkeys and get your picture taken. They enjoy posing for photos and it's FREE. Today, the Donkeys of Cripple Creek work as tourism ambassadors. Pay is lousy but the benefits are great.

How to Greet a Donkey

How to Greet a Donkey - The Approach

Start with a friendly approach... here are some helpful tips when you meet a donkey or two. There's not much to know, but just in case. Proper Donkey Etiquette, click here.

Two-Mile High Club

The Two-Mile High Club is a non-profit organization whose sole mission is to care for the Donkeys of Cripple Creek. The funds required to accomplish this including any special feed and medical attention are raised primarily with an annual event: Donkey Derby Days.


Cripple Creek Honors Donkeys

Donkeys and humans have worked together for thousands of years. During the gold rush, donkeys were used as pack animals. Their ability to traverse mountain environments while hauling heavy loads including equipment, tools, and other supplies made them perfect for the mines in Cripple Creek and Victor.


The Prospector and the Donkey

Because of their good nature, they were preferred by the lone prospector who could point up a steep, rocky mountain as the way to go and the donkey would aptly comply. Well, if the donkey wanted to comply.

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