The Other Side of Cripple Creek

There is a lot to do here - it's not just casinos! Explore the town and you might just find something interesting - past or present.

Check out the History

Museums Start the journey to the past.

Narrow Gauge Railroad Take a ride on the train to an old gold mine.

Donkey Tales The Famous donkeys of Cripple Creek

Mines - Past and Present: coming soon!

Old Time and Modern Entertainment

Annual Events Celebrate with family-friendly activities.

Thin Air Theatre Company - - Butte Opera House website Melodrama! Check out the website for this season's shows and times.

List of Casinos Sure gaming, but look closer. Most of these buildings have retained a lot of antique architecture and memorabilia.

The Necessities of Life

Restaurants for Every Appetite Casual to fine dining experiences.

Lodging Options When it's time to get a good night's sleep.

Shops - yes shopping is a necessity of life. Enough said.

Still "The World's Greatest Gold Camp"

The museums, mine tours, train ride, donkeys along with entertainment including the Butte Theater Melodrama, annual events, and casinos... Welcome to Cripple Creek, Colorado!


So what is going on around here? Check out the
Weekend Roundup
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Wild, Wild Weekend Calendar for Cripple Creek!

Oh Those Wild, Wild Weekends in Cripple Creek!

What's even better? Monday through Thursday is a different world especially if you're a senior, on vacation, a gambler, rambler ...

Check out the Weekly Calendar of Stuff to Do.

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Weekends are Best!

"WEEKENDS" at Large

The current WEEKEND Calendar highlights what's going on in the casinos and around town! Weekend Roundup Calendar

History at Large?

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Weekdays Calendar

Cripple Creek has a lot going on Monday thru Thursday. Seniors & parking spaces are plentiful :)
Weekday Calendar

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More to Explore

Check out the information about historic Cripple Creek, Colorado plus the unique events happening this year:
2011 City of Cripple Creek

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