Gold Belt Tour - Scenic Byway

The Gold Belt Tour is 131-mile circuit that tours historic Cripple Creek, Florence, McCourt, Adelaide, Wilbur, Victor, and other former gold camps. It was designated as a National Scenic Byway in 2000 by the U.S. Secretary of Transportation - one of only ten designated in Colorado. Total driving time is about 5 hours for the entire trip.

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Three Routes of the Gold Belt

There are 3 roads that make up the Gold Belt Tour that runs between Highway 50 around Canon City and West Highway 24 at Florissant.

Official CDOT - Gold Belt Tour

Gold Belt Tour

High Park Road

An easy drive between Florissant and Canon City. The Fossil Beds National Monument is well worth a stop. Along the way there's wildlife so be on the look-out especially in the early morning and around dusk.


Shelf Road

The Shelf Road can get narrow and rugged in places as you cling to a canyon wall 200 feet above the stream bed.

The payoff comes in the outstanding scenery: majestic Pikes Peak, the unspoiled Beaver Creek Wilderness Study Area, spectacular Royal Gorge, and miles of high-country beauty. Thanks Jeepster Gal!

Phantom Canyon

Phantom Canyon is officially the continuation of State Highway 67 but after Victor - you're hitting the dirt. Phantom Canyon is the adventurous way to Hwy 50 and Canon City. Check it out for yourself!

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There's a lot to see on the Gold Belt - here's some highlights:

Florissant Fossil Beds

Explore the Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument just south of Florissant, Colorado on Teller 1. It's part of the Gold Belt Tour.

Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument

More information is available from Friends of the Florissant Fossil Beds.

Canon City-Royal Gorge

Canon City is an incredible hub for outdoor activity. Rafting, hiking, and the Royal Gorge Bridge It is the highest suspension bridge in America and it's open daily.

Royal Gorge

Canon City-Royal Gorge Official Site The Royal Gorge Bridge is also home to the SkyCoaster - a fun and thrilling swing that literally swings you out over the Royal Gorge, over 1,000 feet above the railroad tracks and the Arkansas River. There's more on this gorge and many others all over the world - check out Matthew Cooper's Gorges to Visit

Cripple Creek, Colorado

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Trip Basics

Check the weather forecast, neighborhood traffic cams, and doppler radar. Great for watching storms roll through.

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