The e-Cigarette BUZZ: Come Back Inside!

An e-Cigarette (the e is for electronic) is newer technology that could change your life ... if you smoke. Also called e-cigs, they're catching on. Check out the YouTube video of David Letterman "smoking" with Katherine Heigl:

e-Cigarette - what it is and how it works

An e-cigarette is the answer to the current non-smoking environment. Cartridges contain a small amount of nicotine and that's it.

The e-cigarette has three parts:

  • an atomizer
  • battery
  • cartridge

The e-cigarette is a battery powered vaporizer with disposable nicotine cartridges. When you breath in, the device automatically switches on to create a mist of nicotine vapor you breathe in.

e-cig anatomy

Just like smoking but without tar, arsenic, carbon monoxide or other side effects from breathing burning leaves.

Why it's great

e-Cigarettes produce no smoke and using it is virtually odorless. This means you can use it most places where smoking is not allowed. Got a favorite restaurant but can't smoke inside? Don't leave the fun, grab an e-cigarette! Going to the stadium to watch the game? Don't miss a minute, grab an e-cigarette! Tired of going outside in the cold for your cigarette? Grab a an e-cigarette! The TSA has even said they are ok on a plane. You might make sure you mention it to the crew first though, many people still haven't heard of e-cigarettes. It's actually a great conversation starter!

Why it's not

Have you seen the price? The e-cigarette ads posted these days claim to save money but in reality, after the initial investment to purchase an electronic you need replacement cartridges. They are showing up in retail places to purchase but primarily, cartridges - at a reasonable price - are online. That means shipping and waiting. To make it worse, batteries and atomizers go out and need to be replaced. Again, accessories are online and you have to pay and wait for shipping.

BUZZ Recommends Nic-Stix

So what to do? Nic-Stix solves all problems. It's a great little e-cigarette that's only $20. Complete with USB charger, 10 pack of cartridges, and handy case; the Nic-Stix is affordable. Replacement 10 packs in different levels of nicotine plus various flavors are available for only $9.

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Nix-Stix e-Cigarette

Come Back Inside!

Come on Back Inside! Get the Nic-Stix for only $20. The complete kit includes:

  • one electronic cigarette
  • one USB charger
  • one 10 pack of cartridges
  • handy e-cig case

It's a hit of nicotine and nothing else in a mini e-cigarette.

Local Retailers

Nic-Stix can be found locally at:

Phantom Canyon Apothecary

and Splendid Treasures

Located in Victor, Colorado -next to City Hall at 415 Victor Ave.

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Replacement Cartridges

Replacement cartridge 10 packs are available with different levels of nicotine and different flavors for only $10.


Begin your transition away from traditional cigarettes or keep for emergency situations.

Easy ordering online with great customer service and fast, reasonable shipping from the USA (Florida to be specific :)

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