Proper Donkey Etiquette

or, what do you say to a celebrity?

"And in the morning...I'm making waffles!" Cripple Creek Donkeys love references to all the Shrek movies and never grow weary. It makes them laugh and laugh. They are unique with fans from all over the world.

How to Greet a Donkey - Success!

How to Greet a Donkey - Success!

If you have not actually met a donkey, here is a little etiquette to ensure a meaningful and lasting relationship.

Donkey Etiquette:

  • Be respectful. This is a wild herd that chooses to hang out in town. They know they're the stars and have the run of the town. You might ask "Well then, who's in charge?" Answer...the Donkeys.
  • Don't feed them junk food. A slice of apple or carrot is preferred. When feeding a donkey, HOLD YOUR HAND FLAT. They do not like fingers - it's just hard to tell a finger from a carrot. BE CAREFUL!
  • Donkeys are friendly and like people. They typically go Republican but have concerns about the Tea Party movement, That's a different topic. Approach them in the same way like you would want to be approached: nice and easy. They don't mind if you want to pet them. Just don't startle donkeys - their natural reaction is to kick.

Donkeys in town

Where Donkeys Hang Out

To find the Cripple Creek Donkeys, just drive around town a little. Look for other cars stopped along the road as a sign. You can listen - the donkey bray is unmistakable, very loud, and makes finding them easy. It's why they were called "the canaries of the mines" back in the day.

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