5 Simple Ideas

for Getting the Most of Your Comps

The compensation system set up by a casino provides benefits mostly to the casino, but you can and should take advantage of the perks for players.

Consider these 5 simple ways to get value from your play:

1. Use the card. No matter what your preference in gambling - slots or table games, you earn comp points when a card reader recognizes you. So the number one tip is -don't forget to use your card in a machine (make sure it says "hello" to you) or show it at the table.

2. Take advantage of Double Point Days. Usually it's during the week you can find casinos offering double points for slot play and table games. Check with the cage to see if you need to sign-up or if it's automatically added to your card.

3. Get your points for special occasions like Birthdays Points. Happy Birthday to you. There's also bonus points if you're a senior or military personnel - ask!

4. Don't throw away the Monthly Newsletter. They usually include special offers and coupons.

5. Ask for a Review and what's available to you at your level. Maybe there's extra cash. Some casinos will also convert you restaurant, gift shop, and hotel comps into cash or you can let them ride.

That's 5 but there has to be more. How do you take advantage of your player's club card? Buzz about it! Share your experience and talk about how you use comps.

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