Exploring Cripple Creek, Colorado

The Unofficial Guide - Mines, Museums, and Melodrama

The Gold Rush Days put Cripple Creek on the map. Prior to that, Cripple Creek was just a pass-through for travelers heading to California. And that was primarily in the summer since winter weather can make treacherous roads even worse. A little history, click here.

Museums, a Slice of the Past

The gold rush history is preserved in a number of outstanding museums in town. Starting with the Heritage Center at the entrance to Cripple Creek, the museums maintain artifacts from the times when this was the "Worlds Greatest Gold Camp".

Butte Theater - Snidely Whiplash Lives!

Dudley Do-Right too! Cripple Creek Melodrama productions are at the Butte Theater. Originally the Butte Concert and Beer Hall, the 1896 building has been through a variety of tennants through the years. Finally in 1999, renovations began and the rebirth was complete by 2000. A beautiful theater now features the Thin Air Theater Group and authentic melodrama.