Family-Friendly Eateries

Let's Not Even Mention Casinos

Yes, there are times and many occasions when you need to get away from the casinos. Cripple Creek has unique eateries great for whole family. Here's the unofficial list of places to eat away from the casinos. Where do you go? Any missing from the list? BUZZ about it!

Bennett Station 429 East Bennett Avenue Cripple Creek, Colorado (719) 689-2898

The Boiler Room Tavern at the Hotel St. Nicholas 303 N. 3rd Street Cripple Creek, Colorado 719-689-0856 or 888-786-4257

Creations Everlasting Tea Room 123 E. Bennett Ave. Cripple Creek, Colorado

Cripple Creek Coffee In the Aspen Mine Center 166 E. Bennett Ave. Cripple Creek, Colorado 719-689-2223

Jackass Cafe and Ice Cream Parlour 227 W. Bennett Ave. Cripple Creek, Colorado 719-689-3900

Ralf's Break Room 411 E. Bennett Ave. Cripple Creek, Colorado 719-689-9195

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